Tale of the Musical Mouse

Story by Kram LaFup

Artwork by Noemi

Once upon a time

In a field of rye

Sat a sad  mouse

Wishing to fly

He said aloud

“If I could fly

I should then be able to sing

The way the birds do

On these warm days of Spring”

So the mouse climbed on a stump

And jumped into the breeze

Down, down, SPLAT

In a cloud of dust

That made it sneeze

Rubbing its nose

While the dust settled to the ground

The mouse realized

Something else was around

        “You don’t

need to fly

To be able to sing”

Said a mysterious voice

With a ring

Startled the mouse shrieked

And turned to run

But didn’t

For the voice beautifully began to hum

“Who’s humming?”

 Questioned the mouse

Looking to and fro

The mouse glanced at a tree

Then peered into a bush

It spun round and round

And fell on its tush

The mouse saw nothing

But still there was the hum-hum- humming

That had to be coming

From something

“OK” the mouse shrugged

“If you want me to stay

You’d introduce yourself

In a most hurried yet courteous way”

And with that said

In a blink of an eye

The reddest chested robin

Dropped from the bluest clear sky

“Hi yah I’m Robin

What seems to be the problem

On such a beautiful

Sunny spring day?”

“Hello I’m Mouse

Some animals and I were over Squirrel’s house

I was having so much fun playing a game

I started to sing

That’s when I heard the name”

“Name?” asked Robin

The mouse paused

Then said very quietly


Robin giggled “that’s silly”

“Well it made me cry”

Said the mouse with a ping

“Getting teased and told I can’t sing”

I was laughed at and teased

So I ran far away

I stopped here in this field of rye

‘Cause I heard the lovely singing of birds coming from the sky

And then I thought, if I could fly I should be able to sing

Like a bird, beautifully

On these warm days of spring

“Well” said Robin giggling again

“You are a mouse and mice don’t fly

I know, I watched you try

But you can sing

This I guarantee

You just need to know Do Re Mi”

“Do Re You?”

asked Mouse without a clue

“Nope” corrected Robin

“Do Re Mi Mi Mi”

“Lovely” said Mouse cheerfully

“Thank you” replied Robin modestly

Do Re Mi are some of the musical words used

when learning to sing

Mamma bird taught me

When I was a chick in the nest

Now here, let me sing it again adding the rest”

“Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do”

The mouse applauded,

so the bird took a bow

Then Robin said smiling

 “It’s your turn now”

Flapping its wings

 lifting it off the ground

The bird proudly flew

 round and around

Wonderful wonderful is what the bird said

The mouse happily agreed and shouted

“let’s do it again!”

They sang and played

‘Til the day came to an end

That’s when Mouse realized

A bird had become its best friend

Then Robin yawned

“It’s getting late Mouse

And I have to go home

 and get some sleep

After all the early bird

 does catch the worm

Mouse made an icky face

 and didn’t say a peep

Robin giggled

“It’s what us birds like to eat”

Robin then asked Mouse to come back again

It would teach Mouse melodies and songs

And because Mouse was now Robin’s friend

The mouse was so happy

That it started to sing

“Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

“Beautiful” said Robin

As it started to fly away

“You sound just like a bird

On a lovely spring day”

It was on the way home

While singing Do Re Mi

That our little friend Mouse stopped

And thought “what’s a Mel-o-dy?”

But that’s another.............

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Tale of the Musical Mouse

© 1995 Kram LaFup